Immigration Medical Exam


Why do I need to take the immigration medical exam?

USCIS requires the immigration medical exam to protect the public health of the U.S. population.


How do I choose a doctor for my immigration medical exam?

It is essential to find the  authorized government doctor for your medical exam.


What should I bring to my immigration medical exam?

It’s important to prepare documents to bring to your medical exam, so the process goes smoothly. 

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How to Find a Designated Civil Surgeon or Panel Physician?

For applicants submitting Form I-693 and filing for an adjustment of status (I-485), Schedule your Appointment.

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Do you known about the immigration medical exam?

What is the Immigration Medical Exam?

Getting a medical examination is an essential part of your immigration process to obtain a green card. The primary purpose of medical examination is to identify applicants with unacceptable health-related conditions for the U.S. Citizenship, Department of State (DOS) and Immigration Services (USCIS).

A high qualified doctor will conduct the exam, which will include:

● Testing for various illnesses and diseases

● Mental and physical examination

● Drug and alcohol screening

● Medical history and immunization or vaccine record review

Medical Conditions and Inadmissibility

Communicable Diseases

Applicants who have communicable diseases of public health significance are “inadmissible”.

Mental and Physical Disorderliness

Physical or mental disorders that may result in harmful behavior

Proof of Required Vaccinations

For permanent resident applications, a failure to show proof of required vaccinations.

Substance Abuse

Substance abuse and substance abuse-related physical or mental disorders.

What should I bring to my immigration medical exam?

When all of your documents are ready, then go out to attend your appointment. It can help the medical exam go smoothly. Keep in your mind this list will be significantly based on the location of your exam. Here’s What you shall need to bring with you:

● Vaccination or immunization records

● Copy of your medical history

● Copies of any previous chest X-rays (Optional)

● Letter from your doctor outlining the treatment plan for any health problem you have or past medical conditions

● A government-issued photo ID (passport, driver’s license, travel permit, work permit, or state ID)

● Payment for the medical exam fee (Most Reasonable Price in your area)

● Your health insurance card, if any (check with the doctor’s office before your appointment if they accept your insurance)

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