When a person applies for U.S. immigration, he/she needs to pass a medical examination conducted by a USCIS authorized doctor named ‘Civil Surgeon‘. A civil surgeon is a doctor who performs medical inspection of immigrants, and they usually do not practice medicine privately.

USCIS announces special requirements for civil surgeons to conduct medical, mental, and physical assessments such as infectious illness tests, vaccines, etc., but it doesn’t include surgery. The authorized doctors for immigration medical examination are responsible for ensuring that it meets all of the rules set forth by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) in the United States. 

USCIS has issued complete guidelines and instructions for civil surgeons to conduct medical exams for immigration status. They are approved doctors by the immigration department and are supposed to follow the instructions given by USCIS; otherwise, medical exams may be revoked.

Civil surgeons started the medical examination by ensuring the authenticity of the information provided by the applicant. After that, they conduct a comprehensive exam that includes reviewing the client’s medical history, vaccination certificates, and other relevant reports. Mental and physical examinations are also included in this examination.

Civil surgeons do not prescribe any medication or treatment as they are hired only for examination purposes. Moreover, there are two types of examination; Class A & B. If a person falls in the prior-mentioned classes, refer to the conditions of having drug usage, harmful mental illness, contiguous disease, or unvaccinated, these can lead towards denial of immigration application

What should you know before visiting a Civil Surgeon?

Before going to the civil surgeon for an exam, you must complete your homework regarding the required documentation and other formalities. Most people apply for immigration before undergoing a medical examination.

However, you can file the immigration application after having a medical exam, and the findings will be submitted at the immigration interview. You’ll submit the examination results on Form I-693 signed by the civil surgeon once you’ve started the application process. Here are a few things to remember when you see a civil surgeon; 

  • He will demand your passport or other kind of identification to verify your immigration status.
  • Bring your Form I-693 with you as the medical results will be reported on it. 
  • Complete your exam fee worksheet and bring the required amount. 
  • Ensure that you have all the documents and reports required for medical examination, such as vaccination certificates etc. 

Note: If you fall in Class A or B medical condition, your doctor will explain it to you and will share the same in the form of a letter as well. Treatment may be possible; otherwise, your application is more likely to be rejected. Be confident and calmly answer all of your doctor’s questions about your mental and physical health.