The I-693 immigration physical exam is also called a green card medical exam. It is a necessary part of the application process to enable an individual to become a permanent resident of the U.S.

The I-693 medical exam is specially conducted by the authorized doctors, also known as the civil surgeon, who are authorized by the USCIS (united states citizenship and immigration services.)

The immigration I-693 form includes a mental and physical calculation and alcohol and drug screening. Furthermore, an analysis of an individual application adjustment of status medical records and the vaccination requirements are included in the I-693 exam.

I-693 validity

The validity of the I-693 form with the civil surgeon’s signature is not more than 60 days before an individual applies for their application. Moreover, the temporary changes in the USCIS lead to an extension in the validity time for Form I-693 from 2 to 4 years if the civil surgeon’s signature is dated no more than sixty days before the individual files an application.

The temporary extension would permit individuals who could comply with the sixty-day rule for the civil surgeon’s signature to fulfill the application procedure even if the USCIS takes up to 4 years to complete the process without requiring another medical exam.

I-693 vaccine

An individual needs to document the receipt of the vaccine that is according to the individual’s age. The civil surgeon will mark on the I-693 form that an individual is not required to have a specific vaccine due to inappropriate age during the physical exam.

Moreover, in the immigration laws of the U.S, it is necessary to have the vaccination to prevent the outbreak of diseases such as polio, measles, covid-19, hepatitis B, and any other vaccine-preventable diseases suggested by the advisory committee for immunization practices. The vaccinations are based on the individual’s present status in the United States.

The civil surgeon will review the vaccination card of an individual at the time of the medical examination to analyze whether an individual has any record of the vaccination mentioned in the I-693 form. An individual must provide the civil surgeons with all the required documents regarding immunization.

Moreover, suppose an individual lacks any vaccination due to age. In that case, the individual must get themselves vaccinated by their private health care advisor, but only a civil surgeon is authorized to fulfill the vaccination examination form I-693. An individual must return to the civil surgeon with the evidence that the individual has received the pending vaccination.

USCIS I-693 doctors

If an individual applies within the United States, the doctors who conduct the USCIS I-693 form are the civil surgeons approved by the USCIS officials. Moreover, if an individual is planning to apply from abroad for the I-693 physical examination, then he will see a panel physician who the United States Department of states authorizes.

The civil surgeons must provide an individual with the complete form I-693 in a sealed envelope to be submitted to the USCIS officials. The I-693 form will not be approved if there is no seal present. An individual is requested not to receive such an envelope without the seal present as the USCIS officials would return that I-693 form.

I-693 costs

The prices of the I-693 examination vary as the requirements of the USCIS change. The

I-693 examination for the age of fifteen and above is two hundred and forty-four dollars, including the lab fees of three hundred and ninety-nine dollars, totaling two hundred and forty-four


The I-693 examination for kids below fifteen is about two hundred and forty-four dollars, adding the lab fees of eighty-nine dollars, which gives the total of three hundred and thirty-five dollars.


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