Form I-485 is also called the “Adjustment of status application,” which is used to apply for a legal permanent residence (the green card). The AOS, known as the “Adjustment of status,” is a procedure that an immigrant applies to convert their status from non-immigrant to immigrant.

After the approval of the USCIS application, they can work and live in the US with their legal identity. And individuals can also apply to become naturalized citizens. One must be in the US to adjust status and submit Form I-485. Those not in the United States can file the I-485 form with the help of their local United States embassy.

I-485 processing time:

An individual can assume the processing time for the I-485 form to be at least eight to fourteen months. The USCIS may take 4 to 6 weeks to accept the application and send the individual a confirmation receipt. Moreover, after the acceptance receipt, the user may receive a notification of their biometric appointment, which is mandatory for the individual to apply.

Furthermore, receiving them would take eight to twelve months if the user has applied for a travel document and a work permit. Afterward, an individual would have an interview at the local USCIS office. The processing time that it takes for an individual to have an adjustment of status interview planned would hinge on numerous factors, as well as:

The kind of class in which an individual is applying, what time and date are accessible for the interview, and how busy the local USCIS office is.

Sometimes, the interview can take at least seven to twelve months to get an interview schedule. However, the processing time can depend on the situation of an individual.

I-485 status check

To check the status of the I-485 application, an individual can verify his status through an online web portal that a USCIS official might have shared with him. After visiting the web portal, he would utilize the I-485 form receipt number to search his case status.

Moreover, if one’s I-485 form is not included in USCIS’s standard processing period, he is suggested to submit a case inquiry to verify his status. Furthermore, he can contact the USCIS at the provided contact center to confirm his position.

I-485 interview

The interview is usually the last step in adjusting the status process. After studying an individual I-485 application form, the USICS officials can send a notification that an individual has a mandatory interview for the immigration process to carry forward his application.

There could be many reasons for the interview; the most common is for USCIS officials to gather additional information about an individual. According to that information, the USCIS officials decide whether to deny or approve the individual’s application.

What should an individual bring with them at the time of an interview?

In the notice that an individual would receive for the interview by the USCIS officials, there would be a list of required documents that must present at the time of the interview. The documents that are essential for an individual to bring with them are the interview notice, individual state-issued identification, all copies of his current and previous passports, the birth certificate of the individual, respective immigration documents, and personal travel documents.

What is a suitable time to arrive for an interview?

It is advised that an individual who receives the interview notice must arrive thirty minutes before the interview time. One would not be allowed to enter the building if he came fifteen minutes before their interview. Arriving thirty minutes before the time would give an advantage in preparing themselves mentally for the interview.

Can we bring anyone with us to the interview?

Bringing someone to the interview would be according to the individual’s adjustment of status, such as if individual eligibility is based on the individual’s marriage, then the individual is allowed to bring his partner with him. If an individual has any disability, he can have an authorized representative or an attorney assist him. Moreover, if an individual is a minor, a guardian must accompany them.

Birth certificate for I-485

When an individual applies for the I-485 form, he must provide a certified copy of his birth certificate or a photocopy of an original birth certificate. If an individual cannot deliver his birth certificate, they must prove its unavailability and submit alternative evidence of birth.

The new card is being produced

Before this notification, an individual will receive a piece of information for being part of a mandatory interview. After the successful interview, he might receive a notice stating the status report is updated, and the card is being produced. Moreover, this indicator can also be viewed as the approval of the card. The new card is being produced; the status report tells that USCIS has completed all the formalities. He will receive the card within five to ten working days after the status changes to “New card is being produced.”


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