A physical test is usually performed by the health care provider or the PCP (Primary care provider) to check an individual’s overall health. The examination is also known as the wellness check. An individual does not have to be ill to request an exam.

The physical exam can enable an individual to ask a question about his health and any unusual changes that he might notice in his health.

The consultant can perform various tests during the physical examination according to an individual’s age, family, and medical history. The consultant can recommend additional testing based on the individual’s condition.

The purpose of a physical exam

The physical exam’s primary purpose is to help the primary care provider determine the individual’s health status. Moreover, an advantage of conducting a physical exam is that it can lead an individual to discuss the health concerns that he might have been experiencing.

A physical examination is advised at least once a year, especially in people over 50. The physical exams are used to:

  • To check the diseases so they can be treated in the early stages.
  • Update necessary vaccination.
  • Identify any health problems that can lead to particular medical concerns in the future.
  • Build a healthy relationship with the primary care provider.

Furthermore, such tests are excellent for checking blood pressure, cholesterol, and blood sugar levels, as such levels can shoot without showing any indication.

Dot physical exam

A dot physical exam, also known as the department of transportation, is a physical exam that is needed for people who drive commercial vehicles. The purpose of conducting a DOT physical examination is to determine whether the drivers are mentally, physically, and emotionally fit.

  • Who needs a DOT physical examination?
  • Individuals who drive vehicles that carry more than fifteen people require a DOT exam.
  • If an individual carries harmful material in his vehicle, he needs his vehicle to have a placard.
  • He is paid to drive a vehicle designed to carry more than eight people.
  • Drives a vehicle with a gross combination weight of over ten thousand pounds.
  • What does a DOT physical exam include?

The primary care provider or the health care advisor asks about the medical background of an individual:

  • If an individual has experienced any surgery in the past.
  • Any medicines that he is taking, or also check the prescription.
  • If an individual has experienced any health problems.
  • If an individual uses alcohol, tobacco, or any illegal substances.
  • If an individual has ever been dependent on any illicit substances.
  • If an individual has ever failed a drug test.

Immigration physical exam

The immigration examination is a portion of the medical test planned to confirm that the individual has no physical or medical history that could make him prohibited to the United States. It is a mandatory section of the immigration process that must be conducted by state-authorized doctors known as civil surgeons or panel physicians.

        If an individual is planning to apply for a green card from within the United States, then the individual must have to visit a civil surgeon who is USCIS and a state-authorized doctor. Furthermore, suppose an individual is applying for a green card outside the United States. In that case, the individual is required to search for a panel physician in their home country authorized by the United States department for the immigration examination.

Medical exam checklist

The health care advisor would check the individual’s blood pressure, blood sugar level, weight, and other basic requirements. Moreover, the physical examination includes examining an individual’s eyes, throat, nose, ears, heart, extremities, lungs, skin, abdomen, and external genitalia. The doctors would also include the verification of particular vaccines such as polio, Covid-19, mesial, hepatitis B, and other required vaccines by the USCIS.

           The healthcare advisor or the civil surgeon would ask a question about the medical  history

  • of an individual like:
  • If he has been hospitalized for a mental or physical condition.
  • If an individual got hospitalized or encountered any significant event in his health background.

The doctor will also examine the regular drug usage. Suppose an individual has experienced drug abuse, even if this information is not mentioned in the individual medical records. In such a case, he must consult with an immigration attorney before attending the immigration medical exam.

Where to get a physical exam?

The regular physical exam is conducted in the healthcare advisor’s office or clinic. However, when an individual applies for a green card, he would have to visit a civil surgeon authorized by the USCIS officials.


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