How much is the Medical Exam for US immigration?

The cost for an immigration medical exam is $160. It does not include the cost of any needed vaccines, which includes unlimited visits to see the doctor unless your immigration package is complete.

We have compared the prices around Chicago, Schaumburg, Naperville, Lisle, Libertyville to give the lowest cost immigration exam available.

This is the price if you have all your vaccines and labs completed already:

Including certain vaccines can cost $170. It also does not include the cost for any needed lab test, or maybe you need a chest X-Ray(Get your test Positive for TB).

We have discounted Prices for specific labs & Vaccines:

-Influenza Vaccine:  $25

-Td vaccine:  $55

-we do not typically carry Pneumococcal, Varicella, and MMR vaccines, but they may be available from time to time.  If you need these vaccines, the doctor will write you a script to get the vaccines at a local pharmacy.


-Gold Quantiferon TB or T-spot:   $100

-Gonorrhea testing:  $45

-Syphilis Testing:  $45

In most instances, we can have a local lab bill your insurance for these services.  Your insurance will likely not pay us for the cost of the immigration physical, so that must be paid before receiving your immigration package.