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Authorized Doctors for I-693

Doctors Authorized to do I-693 Medical Exam

Two types of doctors can perform the medical exam from Form I-693, and also your situation depends on where you are applying from:

1. Civil Surgeon:

If you are applying within the United State, then civil surgeon designated by Immigration Services (USCIS) and United States Citizenship will perform your medical exam.

(Our Doctors are USCIS designated Civil Surgeons)

2. Panel Physician:

If you are applying from abroad, you’ll see a panel physician authorized by the U.S. Department of State to conduct your medical exam.

Important Note:

Firstly, make sure to ask about fees, doctor’s availability, when choosing a doctor, and whether they accept your health insurance.

To locate a designated civil surgeon near you, you may visit the find a doctor. After clicking, you will see a new page to input your address to view a list of civil surgeons in your area. You can also call this number 847-490-0060 to schedule your appointment, who will be able to provide you with a list of qualified doctors near you.