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Authorized Doctors to Conduct I-693 Medical Exam

Two types of doctors are authorized to perform the medical exam by using Form I-693, detail is given below;

1. Civil Surgeon:

If you are applying within the United State, then civil surgeon designated by USCIS will perform your medical exam.

Note: Our Doctors are USCIS designated Civil Surgeons.

2. Panel Physician:

If you are applying from within the United State, you’ll see a panel physician authorized by the U.S. Department of State to conduct your medical exam.

Important Note:

Firstly when choosing a doctor, you must ensure about fees, doctor’s availability, and whether they accept your health insurance or not.

To locate a designated civil surgeon near you, visit the option ‘find a doctor’ at our webiste. After clicking, you will see a new page where you’re required to enter your address to find a list of civil surgeons in your nearby area. You can also call 847-490-0060 to get a list of authorized doctors near you and schedule your appointment.