U.S. Immigration Medical Exam Fail


Medical Exam: 

A medical test consists of a medical background review, chest X-ray, physical examination, and blood tests. Blood tests are necessary for individuals who are above fifteen years. Moreover, the United States also asks for tuberculosis TB for individuals older than two years. 

U.S Immigration and Medical Exam:

The USCIS ask for a medical test to those individuals who tend to become permanent resident of the United States. To protect the U.S. population’s health, individuals with health issues or a history of medical problems are most likely to be questioned in depth regarding their medical conditions. Moreover, the medical examination is conducted by state-authorized doctors named civil surgeons or panel physicians. The examination includes:

  • Mental and physical examination
  • Review of individual’s immunization documents
  • Examining for alcohol and drugs
  • Past medical records of an individual

How to pass a Medical Immigration Test?

During the medical examination, the doctors mainly check the applicant’s immunization records and medical history, including their chest X-rays, blood test reports, and the I-693 Form. An applicant must have all the necessary documents at the time of the medical examination to successfully pass the medical immigration test. 

U.S. Immigration Medical Exam Fail:

An applicant can fail the medical immigration exam due to the following reasons;

  • Health threats: Suppose an applicant has a disorder like TB, tuberculosis, syphilis, gonorrhea, and leprosy; it requires immediate care as it is most likely to spread to other human beings. Due to this threat, an applicant can encounter a rejection of the medical immigration examination. Furthermore, illnesses that require quarantine, like cholera, covid-19, and diphtheria, can also be the reason for the failure of immigration medical examinations. 
  • Unable to submit proof of vaccination against vaccine-preventable illnesses.
  • Suffering from a mental or physical disorder that can cause harm to other individuals.
  • Substance addiction or abuse. 

What happens after the medical examination?

After the immigration medical examination, the report of the applicant medical test is forwarded to the embassy directly in a sealed envelope or give it to applicant (in a sealed envelope) to submit it to USCIS. 

What should an individual do after the failure of the medical exam? 

The medical examination of an individual is only valid for six months. Suppose an individual’s immigration exam is outdated, in that case, the individual is required to sit for another exam and would have to re-pay the fees for the immigration medical exam. However, if an individual fails the exam, the chances of denying a U.S. visa can increase. 


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