Form I-693 (Report of Medical Examination and Vaccination Record) is a very useful and necessary document for the applicants of the status of adjustment. If you applying for adjusting your status to become a lawful permanent resident of the U.S., Form I-693 will help you to establish the ground that you are not inadmissible to the U.S. based on public health constraints.

This form is specifically designed by USCIS to detect communicable diseases like tuberculosis, syphilis, HIV, AIDS, etc., and to verify the applicant’s mandatory vaccination record. This form consists of three sections; one section is about applicants’ general information that is required to fill out by the applicant and the other two sections are related to a medical examination conducted by the doctor that must be filled out by the USCIS designated doctors ‘Civil Surgeons’ or Panel Physician and get signed it before sending it to USCIS. 

The list of authorized doctors for medical examination is maintained by USCIS and the U.S. Department of State;

  • For applicants inside the U.S., Civil Surgeons are the authorized doctors (designated by USCIS) to conduct the medical exam and to document the results of the medical exam on form I-693. 
  • While, for applicants outside the U.S., panel physicians are the authorized doctors (approved by the U.S. Department of State) to conduct the medical examination and to fill out Form I-693. 

Applicants cannot use their personal physician for this examination. You can get Form I-693 from the doctors’ office or can download it from USCIS official website. As the USCIS updates Form I-693 over time, so you must use the new edition of Form I-693, otherwise, USCIS will return the old form and will ask you to resubmit the updated form and your status adjustment process will be prolonged.

To solve your ambiguity regarding the revised form, our website: will give you access to the latest edition of Form I-693. You must download the form from the link given above before going for a medical exam appointment. Fill out the first portion of the form specified for the general detail of the applicant and give it to the doctor to record the results of the medical examination. 

Once the I-693 medical exam is completed, the authorized doctor (either Civil Surgeon or Panel Physician) will provide the duly filled and signed Form I-693 to the applicant in a sealed envelopeThe applicant is not allowed to open the sealed envelope otherwise USCIS will not accept it. The applicant of status adjustment is supposed to submit the form to USCIS via;

You can also request USCIS authorized doctor to provide a copy of Form I-693 unsealed in addition to the sealed copy for USCIS or the US consulate. Applicants can use this unsealed copy to avoid surprises about the results of the medical examination and to review the form to ensure the correctness of information provided by the doctor. USCIS and the Department of State don’t specify a fee for Civil Surgeons or Panel Physicians, it is the discretion of doctors to specify the fee for immigration medical examination

You are advised to take the appointment for immigration medical exam as closely as possible to the filing the application for ‘Adjustment of Status’, respond to a request for additional evidence or attend an interview (if applicable) to avoid the risk of validation of medical examination results. To facilitate the immigration medical examination, our website ( will provide you the following benefits;

  • Access to the USCIS authorized doctors for immigration medical exams into your nearby locations.
  • Online scheduling the appointments with USCIS authorized doctors of your own choice.
  • Get the most feasible and affordable rates of immigration medical examination. 

To access the above-mentioned facilities, use the following links: 

Our USCIS approved doctors follow the technical instructions given by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) related to mental health, communicable diseases, and vaccination history.